(still) Mad about MAC

I was in Cambridge over this hot bank holiday weekend and I found myself in John Lewis and no other place than the beauty department, obviously.

Now this particular JL had most high-end brands, from Marc Jacobs to Urban Decay to Charlotte Tilbury but I always always get drawn back to MAC.

Mac’s pricepoint can be significantly lower for some products than other rivals for example a lipstick at Mac is £16.50 compared to Charlotte’s £23. While at Charlotte Tilbury you get an elegant rose gold packaging and in Mac you get a very minimal black lipstick tube, I love their simplicity but great quality make-up because after all they are Makeup Art Cosmetics.

Now I’m not bashing other brands because they make lovely luxurious make-up, but the majority of the time you can go into Mac and find what you are looking for at amazing quality and to have all of your kit be Marc jacobs, now that is surely unrealistic but a couple of products, sure and of course get that Tarte or Too Faced palette you have wanted for ages but all I’m saying, sometimes look at the alternatives because why spend double on a lippy when you can get a similar shade and possibly better texture from Mac.

I was listening to Emma Guns’ podcast with Nadine Baggot and I recall her saying something like ‘Why would you spend more on make-up than MAC prices?’ You really don’t need to.

Anyway, lets move on to what I picked up!


Extra Dimension Blush in the shade “Cheeky Bits” A bright pinky, coral with shimmer. So gorgeous and long lasting! £23 Buy it here



Cream Colour Base in the shade “Hush”, perfect for blush or highlight if you want a pretty, dewy glow! Will sit amazing on drier skins, £18 Buy it here


From left to right: Cheeky Bits, Hush



I was looking for the perfect nude and pink for holiday and I found them! Honeylove (Matte) the perfect pinky, beige nude and Flamingo (Lustre) a beautiful sheer but bright coral pink, £16.50 each  Get Honeylove here  Get Flamingo Here


From left to right: Honeylove, Cheeky bits


Now lets talk foundation!

I am loving loving, Mac’s Face and Body right now! It is my newfound love (even though it’s been around for yonks!) But it is seriously good, I’m gutted I hadn’t tried it sooner.

It is quite a sheer, fluid texture but when it goes on it kind of thickens up and sets down a bit while still leaving a lovely glow. It sits so well on my dry skin, no cakeyness and no pore accentuating! It doesn’t cover blemishes that well but I will mix in the Pro Longwear Concealer on my cheeks and chin to conceal the more stubborn bits. I find that the foundation is best applied with the slanted Real Techniques foundation brush as it provides a more opaque pay off.

Get Face and Body here £23.50 50ml or £29.50 120ml

Get Pro Longwear Concealer here £18

Get the RT brush here £9.99


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