Welcome to My Little Beauty Spot



We are finally here.

It has taken me three years, all of my university life while studying journalism (oh, the irony) to actually set up a blog. My little beauty spot is going to be my tiny hub for everything I like that is related to beauty… some lifestyle and travel will pop up and fashion might make an appearance. But what I really get excited about is makeup and skincare. I could not for the life of me think what to write about thought about until this year, but even then I made up excuses to start it… I have too much uni work to do and I don’t have time or I’m not good enough but I have realised if you really want to do something you will do it and now the time is right.

I have always been, what you would call a “girly girl” but I never really thought about what I was actually slapping on my face. That was until I got the M&S beauty Christmas calendar this year and the good old Clinique 3 step skincare routine. The abundance of products left me researching and discovering how these were actually supposed to help my skin. The feeling of putting on an expensive moisturiser is something I can’t really explain apart from luxurious, but it changed the way I felt about looking after my skin.

Before this I would take my makeup off with face wipes (ngl I still do) and then sometimes use a face scrub or gel wash, like the Garnier ones or something (when I could be bothered) and moisturise my body and face with my body moisturiser, which I think was the Garnier, Intense 7 days mango lotion (definitely not supposed to do that?)

Anywho, the point is, I was just doing the minimum to ensure I was clean but I wasn’t really doing anything to improve my skins condition. If I had a few spots I would run to Superdrug and grab a spot treatment but I never focused on what I could do to get my skin to the right healthy balance.

And six months on with trying different products and feeding my skin so it’s happy, my skin is smoother and brighter, more hydrated with hardly any breakouts except for the odd spot or blemish which might pop up now and then and more importantly makeup goes on 100x better when your skin is good and healthy. What I have found is most girls with ‘bad’ skin just cake themselves in makeup to try and hide their blemishes but if you work on improving your skin then you can say goodbye to full coverage foundations and say hello to glowing skin.

I’m obviously no expert on this but I do know what I like and what works for me and I want to discover more and more so that is what I’m going to blab on about most of the time.

C x